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Lighting as a Service

LVX System of Companies doesn’t sell LED lights fixtures, we sell the light they generate. As you purchase electrons from a power company in a kilowatt hour or “kWh” units, LVX sells photons “visible light,” produced from LVX-owned light fixtures within your facility metered in a Data-Lumen hour or “DLh” units. Similar to a traditional utility service provider, we are installing a platform to provide lighting, communication and advanced services. We own the infrastructure, maintain its performance. The internal metering reports digitally how much we pay the power utility for the electricity used to operate it within the customer’s building.

Installation of LVX "green" LED Lights means we pay for the lights, their installation, maintenance and upgrades to support such services. Schools see a reduction in the cost of lighting, and are now employing a technological platform that will support ultra-secure Li-Fi communications capability and many new services. Near-future offerings bring cameras, occupancy sensing, and PA systems and many more, creating Smart Buildings campus-wide.

Interested in learning more about LVX Service or utilizing our service in your building as a Hosting Customer? To do so or to test and evaluate our service in a portion of your get in touch with us. We’ll help get you started.

Please call us during regular business hours at 320.229.8888, or email us anytime at sales@lvx-system.com.