LVX System of Companies

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, LVX’s principals and research and development teams worked to develop what everyone wanted: a “better,” more efficient LED with higher output and less electronics-damaging heat. What they came up with demands we see light, as a bold, new medium of communication.

LVX System of Companies is the inventor, patent holder and commercial innovator of broadband Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology and service that not only delivers highly-secure wireless broadband but also provides its customers with the most energy-efficient, “better” quality light available anywhere.

A board of directors led by Chairman Al Nagy and Vice Chair and inventor Felicity-John Pederson provide oversight for this privately held company.

The LVX System leadership team, led by CEO and President David Sexton consists of seasoned professionals who excel in their core areas of expertise and the challenges associated with complicated startup businesses and, most importantly, they have experience with Visible Light Communication (VLC) and the Data-Lumen hour (DLh) service model.

With 50 patents secured, LVX System is advancing VLC technology to the next stage of development which entails bringing this pioneering technology to a broad marketplace. In North America the VLC market is anticipated to reach a valuation of $60 billion by 2022.

We are the first to patent and offer a super high-quality LED light that also securely streams high-speed data.

Learn about patented innovative technologies created by LVX System of Companies.